Fat Tire Bike Beach Riding in Kelowna
There is no better feeling than hoping on a bicycle and going for a ride. I chose my fat tire electric bike specifically for the vast possibilities it provides me as a rider. Living in Calgary, (a city that sees almost 8 months of ‘winter’ weather) it seemed to be an easy choice; a bike that makes riding on snow easy...it was a no brainer.
It wasn’t until a friend invited me out to Kelowna for spring break that I thought about riding my bike on a beach. Kelowna’s untamed nature speaks to my soul. Its vast landscape and rolling hills along it’s many lakes, provides unbridled adventures and awe inspiring views that renew the human spirit. Mountain biking is extremely popular here and I find the trails here some of the best in the province. But how would my bike do on the beach? I was excited to find out!
I hit the beach with my friend. He rides a fairly standard mountain bike, so it was very interesting to see the difference in our experiences. Almost immediately it was evident that the ride for him was a lot more challenging than it was for me. Although meant for trails, his bicycle lacked the improved traction and grip that my fat tires had. I could move along the beach with ease and stability despite the soft sandy terrain. Conditions along the shoreline are in a constant state of change which makes the ride an evolving and changing journey. Like riding in the snow, I set my PSi lower to provide me with better contact area; once I got it to the right pressure, I felt as like I was “floating” across the sand.  This was a little bit of a trial and error process; you want your tire pressure to match the train you are riding on- I suggest packing a small pump with you for this adventure, especially if you are riding to and from the beach.

Despite his expansive cycling experience, my non fat-tired companion grew tired and his bike began to get stuck and seize up. It would seem that my bike defied the laws of traction as I continued on, leaving him far behind.
This first adventure, across the beaches sandy surface, with the breeze blowing in my hair, certainly provided me with a refreshing alternative to mountain rides or suburb trails. I love how my fat tire Ebike opens up terrain that normally wouldn’t be desirable to ride. This trip has inspired me to head to Tofino this summer and explore the ocean coast on my bike!

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