Fat Tire Bike Riding in the snow

O.K… we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you haven’t checked this week’s weather forecast for Calgary..we are sorry to tell you that we are in for some snow. As Calgarians, we should be used to our flip flop one day, winter boot the next, kind of weather; yet somehow, it is still so disheartening.
Some might think that this means we need to hit the pause button on our evening family bike rides, or resort back to the carpool lane instead of our beloved bike lanes, but this just isn’t the case.
Riding a fat tire electric bike means a smoother, more comfortable ride despite what mother nature may throw our way. Slick roads from freezing rain, slush or snow pose little trouble to the soft compound and deep tread of these 4-inch tires . Unlike the skinnier, slender tired counterparts, fat tire electric bikes are built for stability and freedom.
The wide tires take up more surface and can be ridden on a PSI as low as 5, creating a built in cushion to improve your comfort level when riding. Imagine riding into work or hitting a trail on a fresh blanket of snow and not be worried about losing balance or control. Show mother nature whose boss and don’t let a little snow keep you from riding on two wheels. 

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