Why the Rook Is the Best Commuter eBike Under $3,500

Why the Rook Is the Best Commuter eBike Under $3,500


  • The Rook by Surface 604 is designed to be a top-tier commuter eBike for under $3,500 that offers safety, practicality, and comfort for daily city riding.
  • Key features to look for in a great commuter eBike include range, puncture-resistant tires, a quiet but powerful motor, effective suspension, and weather-resistant electronics.
  • The Rook stands out from other commuter eBikes by using off-the-shelf components from reputable brands—making it affordable, reliable, and easy to maintain. It also offers long-range batteries, puncture-resistant tires, torque-sensing pedal assist, a powerful 500W Bafang motor, Suntour quick-release front suspension, water-resistant instruments, and a comfortable Selle Royale ergonomic gel saddle.
  • Real commuters endorse the Rook for its comfort, reliability, and practicality, praising its performance and enjoyable riding experience.

Commuter eBikes should make riding to or from work the best part of your day—ditto for running errands, making quick trips to meet with friends, and trekking through your town or city’s best bike paths. That means you’ll need them to be safe and practical in traffic, reliable on the open road, and comfortable enough for long stretches in the saddle no matter where you’re riding.

Is it possible to get all that without spending an insane amount of money? We thought so—which is why we created the Rook. Read on to learn all about how we managed to pack this eBike with useful features for commuters while offering it for less than $3,500. Gear up and let’s go!

Rook Commuter eBike parked on sidewalk

What Should a Great Commuter eBike Have?

Unlike eMTBs and Fat Tire eBikes, commuter eBikes are primarily built for daily city riding. However, they’re still more versatile than cruiser eBikes (which are pretty much made exclusively for riding on paved surfaces)—you should be able to take a well-made commuter ebike down gravel trails or through a park without any trouble.

That said, a high-quality commuter eBike needs a few key features to keep it versatile and safe for these different applications. Here’s a quick rundown of what to look for:

  • Reliable Range: A commuter eBike should be able to take you on day trips throughout your town without running out of juice—so battery capacity should be a primary consideration.
  • Robust Tires: You don’t need all-terrain tires for commuting, but you do need rubber that won’t be easily punctured by broken glass or other debris on the road. Look for tires that are designed to hold up to urban conditions.
  • Quiet Power: While eBikes typically don’t provide enough power for highway riding (they’re not motorcycles), you’ll want enough grunt to keep up with cars and trucks on city streets. Commuter eBikes should accelerate quickly—and quietly enough to be practical for use in residential areas.
  • Convenient Suspension: Speed bumps, uneven pavement, and maybe even the occasional piece of unfortunate roadkill—your commuter eBike should come with enough suspension travel to handle it all. Bonus points if your suspension has a quick-release design, so that you can remove the front wheel when parked downtown and deter would-be bike-thieves.
  • Weather Resistance: Most of us still have to venture out on rainy days, so you’ll get the most use out of your commuter eBike if it’s designed to handle the elements. Be especially careful to look for a waterproof display panel.

Woman smiling while enjoying ride on Rook commuter eBike

How We Set Out to Break the Mold with the Rook Commuter eBike

Lots of eBikes have features that meet some of the criteria above, but we didn’t feel like that was enough. The question we set to answer was: could we do it all, and offer it at a competitive price point relative to other high-end commuter models?

The most efficient way to achieve this goal was to use off-the-shelf components from reputable brands like Suntour and Bafang. This was beneficial for three reasons:

  1. It made the Rook less expensive to manufacture
  2. It provided Rook riders with big-brand reliability
  3. It made it easy to replace or upgrade parts

The result was a surprisingly affordable and easy-to-maintain eBike that we engineered to make maximum use of its high-quality hardware. Here’s what you get when you buy a Rook commuter eBike for under $3,500:

Over 45 Miles (72 Km) of Range

The Rook comes standard with a 48V 14 Ah/672 Wh Samsung lithium-ion 18650 cell battery, which is designed to last for up to 45 miles (72 km) on a single charge. You can also upgrade your Rook with an extended range battery, which brings the maximum range up to 65 miles (105 kms).

Woman riding Rook Commuter eBike at speed down road

Puncture-Resistant Tires

One of the Rook’s most unique features is it’s rubber—it comes stock with custom 27” x 2.4” Surface 604 Panaracer tires. These tires are designed to withstand contact with common road debris like pieces of wood, metal, and glass, making them much less likely to leak. They also have reflective sidewalls to help you stay visible on low-light rides.

Torque-Sensing Pedal Assist

Torque sensors are superior to older pedal assist systems like cadence sensors, which deliver power from the motor to the rear wheel based on how fast you’re pedaling. Conversely, torque sensors cause the motor to engage based on the amount of pressure you apply to the pedals, which lets you control your speed without having to pedal at an unnatural rate.

We put torque sensors in the Rook to help you enjoy a smooth, natural ride at all times. This helps you navigate more easily through traffic and lets you fully embrace your surroundings when exploring parks or bike paths.

Women Riding eBike at speed with pedal assist

500W Bafang Geared Hub Brushless Motor

Of course, the amount of power you get from your eBike is just as important as how it’s delivered. That’s why we gave the Rook a motor that produces 65 Nm of torque under ideal conditions, making it easy to move its ~60 lbs around without having to work too hard. Bafang eBike motors are well-known for being whisper-quiet, too—so you won’t annoy others (or yourself) while riding.

Suntour Quick-Release Front Suspension

Putting a quick-release suspension fork with 80mm of travel in the front of the Rook guarantees smoother riding, but that’s not all—it also has a quick-release design, which makes the front wheel easy to remove in under a minute. As noted above, taking the front wheel with you when you park in higher-risk areas can make your eBike much harder to steal—but it also makes accessing the bike’s front end easier if you’re doing your own maintenance.

Water-Resistant Instruments

The display panel on the Rook is functionally waterproof—built to keep working and stay readable rain or shine. You also get a bright Büchel LED headlight capable of lighting the way ahead no matter how dim or dreary the weather gets.

Selle Royale Ergonomic Gel Saddle

It wouldn’t be right to design a bike for serious everyday riding without making it seriously comfortable to sit on. That’s why we made sure to give every Rook a saddle you can straddle without a care in the world. Add a suspension seatpost for even more comfort—and never have another reason to call your bike’s seat a pain in the butt again.

Why Commuters Choose the Rook

The best endorsements of the Rook don’t come from us; they come from real commuters who praise its comfort, reliability, and practicality. Here’s what they’re saying:

Enjoying My New Bike

“I am very happy with my bike! Your claims about the bike are well taken and I am looking forward to hours of outdoor pleasure on it!”

- Anne, Canada

8,500 km of Forest Trails

“I purchased a Rook in March 2022. Now, 7 months later, I have ridden over 8,500 km - 90% on forest trails. Overall, I am very happy with the Rook.”

- Gerry, Canada

Woman walking Rook Commuter eBike along pier

Commute On a Machine Built for Your Daily Rides

The secret to a successful commuter eBike isn’t how much it costs; it’s how useful its features are and how well they’re integrated. Find out for yourself how the Rook brings together the most important aspects of a commuter eBike in a package that’s practical and fun to ride—buy yours online or find a local dealer and check it out in person.

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