Why the Boar Hunter Is the Best Hunting Electric Bike

Why the Boar Hunter Is the Best Hunting Electric Bike


  • The Boar Hunter by Surface 604 is a stealthy and powerful hunting electric bike, with a camo-print color scheme and a quiet 500W Bafang geared hub motor that peaks at 750W. It uses torque sensors to provide intuitive power delivery—a rarity for hub-driven fat-tire eBikes.
  • The Boar Hunter features 4.5" Kenda Juggernaut tires for superior traction across various terrains, including tall grass, rolling hills, sand dunes, snow, and ice, and comes equipped with sturdy front and rear gear racks for carrying hunting gear.
  • The eBike is powered by a 48V, 14AH Samsung lithium-ion battery offering up to 45 miles per charge. An optional 48V, 20AH extended-range battery is available that can increase this range to 65 miles per charge.
  • Built for durability, the Boar Hunter has an IP65 rating for resistance against dirt, mud, and water jets. It’s also backed by a three-year frame warranty and a one-year replacement warranty on major parts.

The quest to find the perfect hunting electric bike can be as challenging as any trip through the wilderness. It’s about finding a ride that’s stealthy, capable, and reliable—one that complements your hunting skills by getting you and your gear as close to your quarry as possible.

Enter the Boar Hunter by Surface 604—an eBike we designed meticulously to meet the rigorous demands of hunting in the backcountry. Below, we show you why the Boar Hunter stands out as the premier choice for hunters across North America.

Boar Hunter eBikes by Surface 604 with camo-print color scheme being used on hunting and fishing trip

Stealth & Power: The Hunter's Edge

Hunting eBikes must be inconspicuous to avoid startling game. They should be:

  • Quiet enough to glide through the woods without a whisper.
  • Designed with a color scheme that blends in with the natural environment.

Here’s how the Boar Hunter checks these boxes:

Camo-Print Color Scheme

The Boar Hunter sports a camo-print color scheme that's designed to give it a low profile in outdoor environments. Whether you're in the dense forest or a more open terrain, this design ensures that you stay unnoticed by wildlife, giving you the element of surprise.

Whisper-Quiet, High-Torque Motor

For power, the Boar Hunter uses a fat-bike specific 500W Bafang geared hub motor that peaks at 750W. Renowned for its nearly silent operation, it ensures that your approach remains unheard.

Torque Sensors

When pedal assist is turned on, the bike’s integrated torque sensors also cause the motor to respond naturally to your pedaling effort, minimizing noise and maximizing stealth. Torque sensors are rare in fat-tire eBikes, but they provide a level of control and maneuverability that hub-driven eBikes with cadence sensors can’t achieve—making it easier to catch up with anything you’re pursuing.

Kenda fat tires visible on Surface 604 Boar Hunter eBikes

Tires: Providing Traction for Tough Terrain

When you’re miles from the nearest trail, traction isn’t just a nice feature; it’s essential for safe riding. An all-season hunting electric bike needs tires capable of carrying it over terrain like:

  • Tall grass
  • Rolling hills
  • Sand dunes
  • Snow and ice

Fat tire eBikes excel here, since they allow you to reduce the pressure in your tires to gain additional grip on the ground. Here’s what we gave the Boar Hunter:

4.5" Kenda Juggernaut Tires

The Boar Hunter is equipped with 4.5" Kenda Juggernaut tires that are wide and stable enough to handle muddy paths, rocky inclines, and a wide variety of slippery surfaces. These tires provide the grip and stability essential for off-roading adventures, ensuring you can focus on the hunt, not on handling your bike.

Front and rear gear racks loaded up on Surface 604 Boar Hunter eBike

Cargo Capacity: Carrying the Load

Hunters need to carry gear—from weapons and ammunition to emergency supplies and game. A hunting eBike must have the capability to haul all this and more without affecting the ride, and the Boar Hunter is no exception.

Front & Rear Gear Racks

With sturdy gear racks at the front and back, the Boar Hunter is built to bear the burden of your hunting essentials. These racks are designed to distribute weight evenly, maintaining the bike’s balance and handling even when fully loaded.

Boar Hunter eBike by Surface 604 with extended range battery deep in the wilderness

Battery Life: Juice for the Long Haul

A hunting trip can mean long hours or even days spent in the wilderness. An eBike that can’t keep up won’t just inconvenience you; it could leave you stranded.

We designed the Boar Hunter to last during hunting excursions so that you don’t have to cut them short to come back and charge it. Here’s how:

Powerful 48V Stock Battery

The Boar Hunter comes with a 48V, 14AH integrated Samsung lithium-ion battery that provides up to 45 miles (72 kms) of range on a single charge.

Extended Range Battery Option

Of course, sometimes you need to go further afield for the prize you’re after. The Boar Hunter also offers an extended range 48V, 20AH battery option, which provides up to 65 miles (105 kms) per charge. This means more time on the trail, fewer worries about finding a power source, and more focus on the hunt.

Rider crossing stream with Boar Hunter eBike by Surface 604

Braving the Elements: Weatherproofing

Any eBike should be able to withstand the elements without breaking down—but this is especially important when you’re buying an eBike to take into remote locations. Here’s what the Boar Hunter offers for weatherproofing:

IP65 Rating

A bike’s IP (ingress protection) rating is a measure of how well it can withstand the elements. Each IP rating is made up of two digits—the first corresponds to the equipment’s ability to withstand solid contaminants like dirt and dust, while the second represents its ability to withstand water and other liquids.

The Boar Hunter has an IP65 rating. This means it offers excellent resistance against dirt and mud, and is designed to withstand water jets from any direction. While we don’t recommend submerging this model (especially the electronics), it’s more than ready to face rain, snow, and dusty trails.

Why the Boar Hunter Has the Edge on Other Hunting eBikes

Of course, there are plenty of eBikes on the market that you could take on a hunting trip if you really wanted to—but engineered the Boar Hunter to be a cut above. Here’s what we gave it that you can’t get from the competition:

Value for Money

We’re pretty confident in saying you’ll be hard-pressed to find a hunting eBike this good for less money. Many eBikes either use cheap components to save money at the expense of reliability, or make every detail of their bikes in-house—which drives prices up astronomically without guaranteeing a better product.

We don’t cut corners at Surface 604, but we do design our models to integrate a variety of high-quality off-the-shelf components instead of insisting on producing every part in-house. By doing so, we keep production and repair costs down without compromising reliability.

Torque Sensors

We’ll say it again because it bears repeating—you don’t normally find torque sensors in fat tire eBikes, but they’re a staple feature of the Boar Hunter. This provides you with a level of control similar to what you’d get from a mid-drive eBike, but with the ease of maintenance and lower cost of a hub-driven model.

See Also:

  • Hub-Drive vs. Mid-Drive Motors
  • Canadian-Designed Frame Geometry

    The real secret to the quality of our eBikes is the frame geometry. By creating a durable and well-balanced frame for the Boar Hunter (and every other eBike we sell), we’re able to offer a model that holds up under tough conditions without burdening the rider with extra weight.

    Designing the frames in Canada also guarantees that they’re ready to face the toughest conditions North America has to offer—you can be as confident taking this bike into the Rocky Mountains as you can riding it down the road.

    Hunt Down Your Ideal eBike with Surface 604

    With its blend of stealth, reliability, and performance, the Boar Hunter is more than just a way to get around—it’s an essential piece of hunting equipment that can get you further into the wild and closer to the action. Experience the wilderness like never before—buy the Boar Hunter here or visit your nearest Surface 604 dealer today to see it up close.

    FAQ about Hunting Electric Bikes

    How can I get my Boar Hunter serviced if it needs repairs?

    The Boar Hunter is a durable eBike, but if it becomes damaged (or if you want to give it a professional check-up before hunting season), we recommend taking it to your nearest authorized Surface 604 dealer so that an experienced professional can work on it. If you don’t have a dealer near you, bring it to your local bike shop.

    Can I get accessories for the Boar Hunter?

    Yes—the Boar Hunter can be customized with a range of accessories including suspension seat posts for additional comfort, studded tires for extra grip in snow, and more. Find exclusive parts for the Boar Hunter here.

    Does the Boar Hunter come with a warranty?

    Yes, all Surface 604 eBikes come with a three-year warranty to protect the frame, as well as a one-year replacement warranty on major parts. If any part has been made defective during the manufacturing process, we will replace it free of charge.

    How much does the Boar Hunter weigh (& how much can it carry)?

    The Boar Hunter weighs 58 lbs and can carry loads of up to 285 lbs (including the rider).

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